Retro Synth Pop Is Back: Listen to “Omega”

Retro Synth Pop

If you are afraid that retro synth-pop is already dead, you should not worry. On September 16th I released my debut single, Omega. It is an 80s-inspired synthpop/electropop song with a touch of house music.

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Retro Synth Pop: Background of the Single

It took me a while to come up with it, and it took me even longer to prepare this track for a release.

See, the problem is that I have never been a pop musician. For my whole life, I have been into rock music in any shape or form. I would listen to anything heavy-ish from indie rock (like Arctic Monkeys) to 60s punk (like Sex Pistols).

Switching my perspective to something that I have never written before was very challenging, but I hope that what I made is pleasing to your ears.

When writing this track, I found my inspiration in retro synth-pop music. The 80s music was a part of my life, although I grew up in the 90s.

See, I was born in Eastern Europe, and American music was about five years late in that part of the world. So, I can claim that I am an 80s baby as well. Maybe, partially.

In recent years I grew to love the sounds of Roland synthesizers, so I used a lot of them in this track. I featured classic icons like Jupiter-8 and Juno-106 in hopes that they will bring you that retro feel, and you will experience the 1980s like you were born there.

  • Retro Synth Pop Is Back: Listen to "Omega"
  • Retro Synth Pop Is Back: Listen to "Omega"

The Lyrics

I started as a lyricist before I became a musician. And English is not my first language like you probably understood.

In this track, I try to play a little bit with the rhyme switching the patterns in every quatrain. It does sound simple and easy, yet, I wanted to add some kick to that simplicity.

When it comes to the topic of the song, as a typical musician, I could say, “Whatever you think about it, it’s probably true.” But I won’t say it. I won’t get into the details either though.

It is a love song, as you probably understood. However, since it’s the retro synth-pop, I had to add some “space” feel to it. That’s why I blend in the star metaphors into the mix (Vega).

The song starts with the line, “We start at the end and move to beginning,” which means that instead of walking the road together from start to finish, two people in the story do the opposite. They are already at some point in their relationships, yet they try to start from scratch.

“Let’s start at Alpha and get to Omega,” pretty much means that instead of doing that, they should start and end the journey properly.

The Music

In the past five years, I listened to more electronic music. Dance music, to be exact. That’s why in this track I wanted to add some kick and play with House themes.

My goal was to create a song that could be played in the clubs, and people could dance to it. That’s why the chorus drags a little longer than some people would expect it to go.

While I was pitching this track, I’ve been told that the chorus or intro is too long. However, everyone has different tastes, and I think it should stay the way it is.

Also, I used simple piano chords throughout the song. I thought of adding something else to them, but my good friend told me that it’s better to leave it simple and not overcomplicate things. That’s what I eventually did.

Retro Synth Pop Is Back: Listen to "Omega"
Wynwood, Miami, FL


I have to be honest with you. I used autotune. A lot of it.

I’m not the best singer out there, and I’m not shy about it. Occasionally, I can sing well, but that depends on a lot of factors that I’m not aware of.

I’m going to be honest with you again. Everyone uses autotune when they record songs. It allows musicians to do fewer takes and focus on expression rather than perfection. Shortly, it saves studio time (if you record in the studio).

Retro Synth Pop In the Bedroom

Talking about recording in the studio…

This song has been recorded 100% in the bedroom (living room actually) of my apartment in Miami, FL.

If you are interested in technical things (for geeks out there), then I used a Shure SM7B mic with the Cloudlifter.

Some producers might know the name of this mic, but if you are someone who’s not aware of what it is, then your favorite album, “Thriller”, by Michael Jackson was recorded using this microphone.

I just wish I was at least a little as good as him, ha.

This Song Is FREE

I know that a lot of musicians are trying to make money off their music as soon as they release something; however, I decided that I’ll be giving this song away for free.

See, when you have a well-known brand name (like our friend Michael Jackson, for example), you can charge people anything you want (well, almost), and they will pay it. When you are like me with an unknown name, then nobody will buy your music no matter how good the song is.

That’s the primary reason why I’m giving this song away for free.

There’s another reason, and let me be straight with you from the beginning. Although you don’t pay any money for the track, I am asking you to share your e-mail with me, and it can help me in the future a lot!

You can read my Privacy Policy to understand everything, but I give you two reasons why I need your e-mail here.

First reason. I will be sending you a newsletter when something will be coming up again. Maybe I’ll release a new song, a video, or maybe I’ll be playing in your city.

Second reason. Advertising. I advertise on Facebook (and maybe will advertise on other platforms as well in the future), and if I want to find people who have similar interests in music to you, I have to share some information with Facebook. This information is your e-mail.

Facebook pretty much gathers e-mail addresses and matches them with what they have in their huge database. Then, they search for other people who have similar interests to this sample of folks.

If you read into it, Facebook doesn’t share anything with me. They just figure out for themselves who will also like my ads.

So, shortly, with your e-mail address, my music can reach more people and maybe help them with something. That’s what I’m trying to do.

If you want to listen to a sample of “Omega”, then check it out here:

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