Sasha Bonn

Sasha Bonn came to the United States from Eastern Europe in August 2007. His goal was to join the music industry in Los Angeles, CA. 

One of his first projects was 7 Seconds to Heaven even before he took the last name Bonn. The band wrote alternative music with some influence of European rock.

In January 2009 Sasha moves to Orange County, CA where he meets Vlad Kharin and starts a new project Buy One Get One Free that released a couple of demo songs but never went to the live stage. It was more a garage band that was jamming during the free time. The band members struggled to find a drummer, so eventually, the project got shot down.

After Buy One Get One Free Sasha records his first album, Monologue, on the home studio he was building. The album was recorded mostly for the friends as a combination of songs that were written for seven years. The music was not accepted by the majority of people, so it was not promoted to the masses.

Later Sasha records 3 demo songs, Sasha Grey, Lost in Japan, and Dancing in the Rain that did not use real drums, but instead a drum machine. Some songs were played on college radio stations. Since it was a demo album, the songs were not promoted as it happened with Monologue.

Around 2012 Sasha Bonn meets Amber Doll, and they are starting an acoustic pop duo, Winter’s Flight. The band recorded an EP album, A Place Where Memories Fade, and shot a music video to the song, Chains. The song was featuring an acoustic bass and a cajon. A couple of tracks were played on college radio stations. Winter’s Flight played live at the local festivals and coffee shops and even gave a live performance on KBOO in Portland, OR. In 2015 Winter’s Flight fell apart, and Sasha Bonn started a new solo project.

Even during his time with Winter’s Flight, he was working with Anthony Newen writing music for his short films like First and Last and The Last Conversation. He also wrote a closing track, Sunsets, for The Last Conversation.

While in Portland, Sasha Bonn came up with some music ideas, but again they have never been released.

In 2020 Sasha leaves Portland, OR, and moves to Miami, FL. In 2022 he is releasing his retro-inspired pop track, Omega.

The story continues…