Plans, Promises, and Work

After almost a year of being on idle, I decided to get back to music. I’ve had a few tracks almost ready for recording the vocals and mixing, but other projects, and especially a job was not letting me complete the task. On top of that my mixing skills are[…]

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Sasha Bonn’s Project

Hi! Probably, you came to this page because either I sent you a link, or someone else shared it with you. Thank you for clicking it! A lot of people have their stories to share, and you might be one of them. I am an independent musician, and my goal is[…]

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New Site, New Name

Dear Friends, So, I’m starting a new website which I will try to keep alive if I can. In this blog I will post anything that will be related to music, shows, or some other cool stuff. Check it time to time, and maybe you will find some useful information[…]

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